Hi, my name is Keith!

I’m a millennial in my mid-twenties who worked in a corporate job for roughly 5 years after graduating from college. I was instructed, like many others, to go to college, acquire a job, marry, have children, and live happily ever after. 

Then, in November of 2018, I was encouraged by my sister and start this blog. No, I didn’t completely quit my job to leave the State and travel around the world as you may expect. Instead, I find my own way to work as a freelancer, working remotely for a living, while traveling around America. 

I have been in 43 out of 50 states. I chose to quit living a life limited by boundaries and instead follow my heart and live a life without limits. Throughout my travels, I’ve met hundreds of lovely people and crossed several huge activities off my bucket list.

After roaming around for 2 years, I decided to settle down in Alaska due to my love with cruise adventures, hence the name of the blog Best Time To Cruise Alaska. I’d want to share my love of travel, my desire to learn about different cultures, and my aim to assist non-profit organizations. You’re never too old or too busy to take a break from your daily routine and pursue your ambitions. My goal is to ensure that all outdoor enthusiasts learn from and benefit from what I’ve learned.

Besides, Alaska offers distinct regional food that I am unearthing and discovering day by day, in addition to the breathtaking landscape. Alaska offers it everything, from fresh halibut to wild salmon, and a way of life to match delicious dishes. And I will show you how to make the most out of those recipes that I have.