When Is The Best Time To Cruise Alaska

When Is The Best Time To Cruise Alaska

Alaska is breathtakingly beautiful and offers a wealth of cultural and natural experiences that every visitor should take advantage of at least once in their lives. Rugged glaciers, a wealth of exotic wildlife encounters, and massive mountains are difficult to beat. A cruise will get you the closest to seeing what you want to see, particularly if you go during the best month for Alaska cruise. A cruise to Alaska is one of the most popular types of the cruise since it allows you to see a lot in a short amount of time. Alaska’s cruise season lasts five months, from May to September, but what the state misses in winter trips, it more than makes up for breathtaking summer views. But when is the best time to cruise Alaska, you may ask. The months of July and August are often thought to be the best time for Alaska cruises since they offer pleasant weather, long days, and plenty of wildlife. The shoulder seasons, on the other hand, are gaining appeal due to fewer crowds, lower cost, and seasonal attractions.

When is the best time to go on a cruise

When selecting the best time of year for Alaska cruise, there are various aspects to consider. This question’s solution isn’t as straightforward as you would believe.

The weather

The weather is the first thing you should think about while planning your Alaskan trip. However, the weather in Alaska throughout the summer months is not always bright and sunny.

Less precipitation is an advantage of traveling earlier in the season. Less rain is a wonderful thing, but it also means the weather is colder early in the season. If you wait until later in the season to travel, you’re taking a chance on the weather. Rain and freezing temperatures are more likely to disrupt shore trips. It also implies that fewer animals will be seen, since many have already begun to hibernate.

The price

The cost of an Alaska cruise varies greatly based on a number of factors. The cost of a cruise varies greatly depending on the cruise operator, ship, itinerary, and season. The shoulder season, like with most seasonal cruise locations, is when costs are lowest. Early in the season or late in the season are the greatest times for individuals trying to save money. Aside from lesser rates, you’ll have more cabin options and a better chance of landing the beautiful mid-ship balcony.

If you visit at the end of the season, you may be able to obtain some fantastic souvenir prices, as many local businesses hold sales to clear out inventory before shutting for the season.

The wildlife

Many people will tell you that the greatest time to go on an Alaskan cruise to observe wildlife is during the cruise season. While this may be true in comparison to the winter months, certain months are better than others for watching animals.

When it comes to whales, an Alaskan cruise allows you to observe a number of different kinds. The huge Humpback Whales are the most prevalent whales in the area, and they may be spotted in the Gulf of Alaska throughout the cruise season.

Most whale watching trips promise a whale sighting, but they won’t say what kind of whales or how many you’ll see.

Bald eagles can be seen at various stages of growth throughout the cruise season. The eagles will be building their nests preseason. They will be nursing for their young throughout peak cruise season, and late season, you may be fortunate enough to observe mature eagles training their offspring to fly.

Avoid crowds

The shoulder season months, when the season begins and finishes, when there are less individuals competing for a trip. Furthermore, because most children are still in school during these months, families are unable to cruise during this time.

The disadvantage of these months is that the weather is the most unpredictable, which might cause problems with your beach excursions. The greatest at-risk activities are helicopter and boat tours.

Best month for Alaska cruise

High-quality excursions, magnificent landscapes, and unique tourism events and cultural festivals are available throughout both peak and shoulder seasons. Since a result, the ideal month to visit Alaska differs for each individual, as your own travel tastes decide the best month for you.


While Alaska’s tourism season does not officially begin until June, several small cruise ships begin offering trips in May. May is an excellent time to go on a cruise if you want dry weather and lots of wildlife since it’s one of the driest months in the state and boasts spring migrations and lots of newborn species.


When you consider the benefits of visiting Alaska in June, it’s easy to understand why. June has low average rainfall, so it’s a good month to avoid the rain if you’re attempting to avoid it. It’s also the month with the greatest daylight hours, so night owls may make the most of the longer daylight hours to view more things.

As the temperature warms, the leaves begin to reappear, bringing with them a return to lush vegetation. The countryside is stunning, and with longer daylight hours, you’ll be able to see practically everything this lovely state has to offer.


July features the highest temperatures of the year, the longest daylight hours, and the greatest number of visitors. In July, cruise tickets might be tough to come by, but with a little forethought, you can obtain accommodations on both large and small ships. A July cruise is ideal for those who wish to immerse themselves in the culture of their destination. You also want to see Alaska’s amazing wildlife, and a cruise this month will provide you with that opportunity. A visit in July is ideal if you don’t mind crowds or increased rates.


Mid-August is also considered peak season, but when you consider the benefits, it’s easy to see why. Travelers want to squeeze in one final trip as the season and summer vacation drawing to a close, and August is a popular time to do it.

This month’s weather is colder and rainier, but that doesn’t damper the cruise ships’ good spirits. All Alaska small ship cruises and Alaska excursions are running on a regular basis, and wildlife is abundant. With a change in weather signaling the arrival of fall, the number of visitors to Alaska decreases as the month progresses.


The autumn shoulder season in Alaska begins in September, with fewer visitors and frequent Alaska special deals. Longer evenings provide the possibility of seeing the aurora borealis once more. The chilly temperature transforms trees and tundra into a riot of crimson, gold, and purple fall colors. Mountain tops are beginning to get dusty with snow. Animals are busy preparing for the next winter, which means you’ll have a better chance of seeing a variety of species. The conclusion of the Alaska vacation season, September, is the greatest time to visit for low costs and Alaska travel bargains.

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